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Wooden Dining Room Tables That Will Become Family Heirlooms

Custom Woodwork NYC, Inc. wants to create beautiful wooden dining room tables, coffee tables, and end tables in New York City. Also, as a woodworking company we offer wood repairs. Don't throw it away before giving us a crack at it first!

Seemingly Endless Options

Whether it's a table that will reside in the dining room, living room, hallway, or bedroom, we can custom build it to your specifications, and build the chairs. We can design and create wood tables with a natural or spray finish in any space, and can craft them in other materials such as metal. Using standard heights, we can add a table extender for an additional cost.

Wood & Color

Using only the finest wood material, our tables can become a part of your home for decades. Customers have the choice of oak, mahogany, ebony, and ash wood species. We can customize to color specifications and can lacquer, polish, and varnish.


We do not just build new items, but will also come out to repair wooden items such as doors, window frames, door frames, and the structure of cabinets. If something is too old and cannot be repaired, we can help to create a replacement and make it as close to the same look and design as possible. Upon inspection of the wooden item, we will provide an estimate on what needs to be fixed and a detailed description on how we will do it.